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Founded in 2008 in Singapore, Meridian Capital is a leading venture capital firm in Asia, with focuses in technology innovations.

Since its establishment, based on independent strategies with a fundamental thesis of various industries, as well as changes in market demand and technological evolution trends, Meridian Capital has always taken digitalization as its main investment direction and invested in a number of innovative startups, covering technology, consumer, enterprise, digital economy, etc. Managing assets exceeding 1.5 billion USD, Meridian Capital mainly acts as a leading investor in A and B rounds, and also participates in early and mid-to-late stage financing, as well as corporate mergers and acquisitions.

With a portfolio including Tiange Interactive (01980.HK), Jinhe Commercial (603682), WeiMob Group (2013.HK), BOSS Zhipin (BZ.O), Haidie Music, Biren Technology, Hefu Noodles, Yellow Swan, Bai Xiao T, Tianyun Data, Origin Quantum and Interface·Finance Press, etc. Meridian Capital has won more than 100 honors, including TOP 50 Best Venture Capital Institutions, TOP 50 Venture Capital Institutions Most Recognized by LPs by 36Kr, Top 50 Venture Capitals, etc.


Tracy Ji

Founding Managing Partner

Tracy Ji, founding managing partner of Meridian Capital, stands as one of China’s foremost female venture capitalists. As a MBA graduate of Imperial College London and the pioneering force behind Meridian Capital China, Tracy is the first female investor to establish a Chinese background VC firm approved by Singapore Economic Development Board. Boasting outstanding investment performance, Tracy also dedicates herself to advancing globalization, female empowerment and philanthropy. Tracy founded Meridian Capital in 2008. Over 15 years, Meridian has managed assets exceeding RMB 10 billion in RMB and USD. As an investor with entrepreneurship, Tracy led Meridian Capital China to invest in a diverse 260-company portfolio spanning technology, consumer goods, internet, digital transformation and AI, and cultivated a number of global listed companies and unicorns, including NASDAQ-listed BOSS Zhipin. With its stellar investment record, Meridian ranks among China’s top 50 VC firms. As founding managing partner, Tracy has earned multiple accolades from Forbes as a Top 100 Investor in China and Top Female Investor for six straight years.

Gaonan Zhang

Managing Partner

Gaonan Zhang, Managing Partner at Meridian Capital, honors Ph.D. in Wireless Communication from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Hi is expert in mobile communication, big data, and IoT technologies. Prior to joining Meridian Capital at the end of 2013, he worked for well-known companies both domestically and internationally, with entrepreneurial experience as well. With in-depth understanding and practical experience in information and communication technology, as well as rich experience in corporate operation and management, he held positions such as Software Manager at Motorola’s Asia R&D center, VP of Longcheer Mobile Terminal Division, and Head of Yahoo Global Mobile Web-gateway platform. During his tenure, he also obtained multiple technology patents. Since being responsible for technology-related investments at Meridian Capital, he has invested in companies including BOSS Zhipin (BZ.O), BIRENTECH, BeagleData, ELS Technology, ORIGIN QUANTUM, Zhongke Guosheng,Yelink,Gizwits, 3Dnest,, SEAWAY, and AINSTEC.

Alex Wang

Managing Partner

Alex Wang, Managing Partner at Meridian Capital, honors degree in Electronic Engineering from the National University of Singapore. Alex Wang has over a decade of investment experience in TMT, consumer, culture, and entertainment sectors. He joined Meridian Capital in 2009, and later became the Managing Partner and a member of the investment Committee at Meridian Capital with outstanding investment performance, profound industry insights, and well-known exit cases. He previously worked at Recruit Express, the largest HR consulting firm in Singapore, and co-founded Chenhai Miao Fund in a strategic partnership with Maoyan Entertainment. As an investor, he has led or participated in investment projects including: Weimob Group (2013.HK), Hefu-Noodle, Chowsing (Nourse),yellow swan, kuafood, Weinian, Beaster, Yuki, Ocean Butterflies Music,,, and Tingdong Film.

Jonathan Qiu

Global Partner

Jonathan Qiu is currently the Global Partner of Meridian Capital, responsible for investments in USD funds and globalization areas. He holds a bachelor's degree in C.S. from Peking University, a master's degree in C.S. from the University of Southern California, and a full-scholarship Ph.D. candidate in artificial intelligence. He has been a guest lecturer at Stanford University, and owns a number of national patents and top conference papers. Jonathan has extensive investment experience in technology, cross-border business, enterprise and the Internet. Before joining Meridian, he served as the managing director of Hony Capital, mainly responsible for technology investment. He served as the co-executive president of Fosun RZ Capital and the chief Silicon Valley representative of Fosun Group, responsible for technology investment in China, the U.S. and Israel. Earlier, he co-founded Sky9 Capital and worked at Decent Capital as managing director and chaired the investment committee, responsible for investments in hard technology, enterprise and the Internet in the Chinese and American markets. Before starting his investment career, he served as an architect and technical director of T4 level in Tencent's Cloud division, and held senior management positions in several high-tech companies in Silicon Valley such as Cisco and Brocade for many years. Investments include AuraSemi, DeepRoute, Sifli Semi, MaggicShield, Oculii Radar, Kuaitu, Shuangjisha Vision, Holisto AI, Nuclea.AI, IRP Energy, Huizhiche, Jimu Travel, Weiche and Wigwag wearables, among others.


Tracy Ji


Gaonan Zhang


Alex Wang


Jonathan Qiu

Notable Portfolios

BOSS Zhipin

BOSS Zhipin (NASDAQ: BZ) is a recruitment APP that pioneered the Internet "direct recruitment model" in the world. BOSS Zhipin has become China's largest recruitment platform in terms of monthly active users and will be listed on Nasdaq in June 2021. In the same month, BOSS Zhipin became the exclusive supplier of official human resources services for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics.


Weimob, a company listed on the Hong Kong Main Board (stock code: 2013.HK), was founded in 2013 and is committed to creating decentralized digital transformation SaaS products and full-link growth services for merchants to help merchants achieve sustainable growth. Weimob provides a large number of applications and product services to many merchants, and provides digital upgrade solutions for e-commerce retail, supermarkets, fresh food, catering, cross-border, beauty industry and other industries.

Biren Technology

Founded in 2019, Biren Technology is committed to developing original general-purpose computing systems, establishing efficient software and hardware platforms, and providing integrated solutions in the field of intelligent computing. The first domestic high-end general-purpose GPU BiLi series released by BiRen Technology in August 2022 has been put into mass production, setting a global computing power record.

Origin Quantum

Origin Quantum is a leading domestic quantum computing company and a national high-tech enterprise. Founded in Hefei High-tech Zone in 2017, the team's technology originated from the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Origin Quantum focuses on the ecological construction of the quantum computing industry and builds independent and controllable engineering quantum computers.

Hefu Noodle

Hefu Noodle is a Chinese catering chain brand featuring noodles. It adheres to the brand vision of "let every street in the world have a Chinese taste" and explores the development path of Chinese culture and food to the world. Hefu Noodle has been spread in more than 60 cities and has more than 10 million members. This year, it will serve consumers nationwide through more than 600 directly operated stores.


MAIA ACTIVE is a sportswear brand specially designed for Asian women. With the design concept of "let Asian women enjoy the beauty of sports", it was established in Shanghai in 2016. By developing "body-addictive" technological sports fabrics and a pattern system more suitable for Asian women, we create high-quality sportswear and bring a better sports experience to Asian women. In October 2023, ANTA Group fully acquired MAIA ACTIVE.

Seeking Intellgent Control

Seeking Intellgent Control Founded in 2018, It’s a national high-tech enterprise specializing in AI visual inspection in the industrial field. Seeking Intellgent Control focuses on AI visual inspection in the industrial field, mainly for the appearance inspection of transparent objects, reflective materials, and high-speed moving objects. These scenes are subdivided areas where traditional machine vision is powerless. Appearance inspection can only be done through manual visual inspection. Seeking Intellgent Control has been successfully implemented in the field of comprehensive inspection of pharmaceutical products, white glass, optical cables, light guide plates and items on high-speed production lines. Its capabilities are among the first in the industry.


Shenzhen Yelink Technology Co., Ltd is an intelligent manufacturing integrated infrastructure provider. A national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen's "Specialized, Specialized and New" enterprise, its core product, the Industrial Rubik's Cube, is the industry's first industrial smart machine, providing the most effective basic capabilities for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to achieve inclusive intelligent manufacturing.

Shenzhen ELS Technology

Shenzhen ELS Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is the leading domestic procurement supply chain industrial software and industrial ecological network. Focusing on procurement and supply chain digitization and supply chain empowerment solutions, we help companies build a procurement digital platform. By empowering purchasers and suppliers bilaterally through software products, a huge procurement supply chain ecological network has been established to connect enterprises and realize interconnection between enterprises. Empowering enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency in procurement.

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